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If you are looking for car and commercial vehicle repair services, rely on Falconer Auto Repairs Ltd in Lanarkshire. We specialise in all types of diagnostics, repairs and servicing for all makes and models of cars. With years of experience and recommendations, choose us for our commitment to high standards and exceptional quality of service.

Diesel specialists

We diagnose and repair all makes and models of vehicles. High pressure diesel systems need to be treated with care in a clean environment which our workshop can offer. Our chief mechanic has 20 years of experience working on diesel engines.

Wheel alignment & tracking
We do alignment and tracking at very competitive prices as part of any repair through steering racks, track rod ends, for lower suspension arms as all these components can affect the tracking.

Exhaust flexi repairs
This is a repair we carry out to a very high standard due to the high costs in replacing exhaust systems due to exhaust flexis being burst or worn. Exhaust flexis are connected to the catalytic converter ion a way which makes their replacement very expensive but we offer a repair kit which makes the exhaust system as good as new at a fraction of the cost.

Computer diagnostic
We carry out computer diagnostics with a printed report on vehicles, all diagnostic work is carried out on engine management, ABS systems, anti-lock brake systems and air bag systems. We also cover injector records, instrument panels, immobiliser systems etc, depending on make, model and age of the vehicle.
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